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Never Split The Difference

Never Split The Difference

By Chris Voss & Tahl Raz
Never Split The Difference


What a fascinating read!

My view on negotiating has completely changed.

I used to think that only certain types of people could learn or develop the secret art of negotiating and that it was not for me.

I'm not saying that negotiating is easy, it takes practice like anything else, except now I know that there are a set of simple and effective techniques you can use which will help you negotiate anything, from a better price on something you want to buy to secure a business deal.

As with finances, I believe negotiating is a skill that should be taught and developed in school as it is such an incredibly helpful and useful skill to have.

I always had the belief that negotiating eventually results in conflict, because parties can hardly ever agree to terms that benefit them both.

Even though this can happen, the true art of negotiating is about gathering as much information as you can so that you and the other party can agree on a creative solution together.

Never see the other party as the enemy, the subject you are dealing with is the problem.

Besides everything you can learn in this book, the true short stories at the beginning of each chapter make the lessons even more interesting as they have been used in practical situations, it is not just theory.

If you want to become better at dealing with conflict and managing confrontations, I can highly recommend reading this book.

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